My Singapore: Arab Quarter

October 23, 2012 | Singapore

A while ago now, Dave and I took a wander around the Arab Quarter, photographing as we went. I think I must have been tired at the time, but I don’t feel like the photos I took really represent how great an area of Singapore this is. I always love exploring the Arab Quarter, and think there’s so much greatness to be found there. I think I’ll have to go back another time soon and try to capture it in a way that better reflects how I feel when I’m there.

So, let’s go ahead and call this Part 1 of the Arab Quarter.. Part 2 will come another time :)

At one point we came across a very old yellow telephone booth out the front of a house/office, that was acting as the hiding spot of a very sweet little kitty with beautiful eyes.

The following photos were taken in Arab Street (known for it’s fabrics, carpets, beads and ribbons), and Haji Lane – one of my favourite streets in Singapore :)


  1. Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE these pictures! Great, great job! Very beautiful and inspiring!

  2. I love the cat and it’s tongue sticking out!

  3. Marlina

    I used to live in Singapore in a beautiful part of Changi that you might want to explore. Also food at Changi Village is pretty amazing, and if you walk down Changi Beach all the way to the end away from the crowds you’ll find a quiet secluded green beach (not sure if it is pine that is there, but definitely used to be). If you go up Upavon Road you might also see some old colonial buildings (that I used to live in) and during the right season be able to get some fresh starfruit, guava or mango. A quaint cannonball fruit tree is also to be found :)

  4. Teena

    My husband and I lived in Singapore for 2 months. I absolutely love the variety of food especially at Lau Pa Sat and btw, I loved browsing at Hajji Lane.