My Singapore: Geylang

June 6, 2012 | Personal, Singapore

Thanks to all your lovely encouragement from my Little India post, I’m back with another back-streets photo tour.. this time in Geylang. I was lucky enough to be accompanied by a friend on this trip (who’s name is also Claire), and together we explored the back streets of Singapore’s main red light district.

Might sound like a bit of a strange place to want to hang out, I know, but actually during the day I wouldn’t have even suspected that’s what the area is famous for if I hadn’t already read about it. Mostly it just felt like a colourful residential area, with lots of bustling shops and restaurants (also what Geylang is known for), and maybe a slightly higher than average number of hotels. ;)

Along the way we stumbled upon the most incredible steam bun place, and after watching them being made decided to give one a go. WHOA. I still have no clue what we actually got (bit of a communication break-down there) but it was one of the best steamed buns I’ve ever had! In the middle was some pork (you can see that in the photo above), but in the middle of the pork was an egg which came as a surprise to both of us as we chowed down into our buns.. oh it was sooooo gooooood.


  1. Those buns were totally amazing! I am still having withdrawal symptoms – may have to go back just to get my fix!

  2. Eb

    OMGGGG!! Yummmmm, I am such a pork bun fiend, AND I love mangostines!! YUM This post is amazing!!

  3. You really make Singapore appealing! Aren’t you afraid all your friends and relatives are going to come and use your apartment as long stay hotel? :-)) Beautiful pictures!

    • ffadmin

      Hehe We’d totally welcome it, as long as they don’t come all at the same time!! :)

  4. Hi! Just found your blog and loving it! I am also in Singapore. In fact I was just in Geylang the other day for the first time. Found it very interesting. And then ironically I decided to make some of those buns at home! With the egg inside – did yours have chinese sausage? These are the ones I remember from back home in Australia.

    • ffadmin

      Hi Wynona! Great to meet another Aussie expat :) It may have been sausage inside the buns, but I couldn’t be certain.. was very tasty whatever it was! Wow, you made them at home! Was it hard?? Just had a look at your blog and saw you’ve been doing an icing course.. that sounds like fun! I’ve been testing some techniques out at home and love it! :)

  5. Hi Claire, the buns…wasn’t hard at all, just a bit fiddly. I guess the trickiest part is making them all nice and neat…they were tasty though! Yeah, cake decorating is fun :) Going to try and continue with that course and also a cookie decorating one. By the way, how do I follow replies on your blog (or any wordpress blog)…I don’t get notification that you have replied or any follow up comments? Any ideas?

  6. […] are more photos on my Flickr Geylang set or you can also check out Claire’s gorgeous post over on her blog.  Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Filed under Places to go, […]

  7. Amazing photographs thanks for sharing

  8. ffadmin

    Thank you Margaret! Great to have you here :)

  9. I just love the colours! I want to go there now, get lost and find all kinds of pretty things, and then – of course – return back home before the sunset.