My Singapore: Tiong Bahru

July 5, 2012 | Singapore

One of my favourite places in Singapore so far would have to be Tiong Bahru, an old suburb that has had a bit of a revival in the last few years making it a quaint and trendy place to be. Built in the 1930’s, the Tiong Bahru housing estate is one of the oldest in Singapore, and has a distinctive art deco feel to it with it’s low-rise complexes, rounded balconies, and funky facades. I love it! It’s like stepping back in time.. art deco is totally not what I would have expected to see in Singapore :)

Because Tiong Bahru has become quite trendy, there are also now a lot of very cute cafes, restaurants, and shops springing up. No complaints here!

A few of the shops and cafes in the photos above: Social Haus, Books Actually, Nana & Bird, Forty Hands Coffee.


  1. Is that $5 for a coffee?

    • ffadmin

      Haha yep!! That’s about $3.80 Aussie :)

  2. This neighborhood looks very stylish! I also love the “clean” feel of your photos, everything is so white and the lines so geometric – yet it is as if you could feel Singapore’s heat!

  3. thanks for the introduction. will have to go there next :)

  4. Great photos. Love Tiong Bahru – need to go back soon!

  5. wow, i love how all of your photographs are so monochromatic. looks so clean, chic and almost tranquil. this makes me want to take a trip!

  6. thanks for sharing unexpected views of singapore! lovely photos!

  7. Grace

    Hi Claire! I just found your blog and love it :) Funny…I was living in Singapore for a year and just moved to Korea in August…bummer because I would have loved to meet you! You sound so fun…and Singapore is small, I always loved meeting new people there! TB is also one of my favorite place in SG (love 40Hands!) along with Little India and Arab St./Haji Lane…I just love the quaint old shop houses, they have so much character and charm. :)

    • ffadmin

      Hi Grace! Aw, that’s a shame, I would have loved to meet you too! Korea sounds like fun though :) I hope you’re finding lots of cool places like TB there too! :)

  8. how wonderful your TB photos. as a singaporean i loved seeing this old neighbourhood through your eyes. thanks for inspiring me to go there for a sunday coffee !