Name That Press!

August 10, 2012 | Miscellaneous

One of our beloved sponsors – Happy Penguin Press – sent me a lovely email today letting me in on a little competition they’re having right now, to name their beautiful new press! Here he/she is now:

Isn’t he/she a beauty?! If you suggest the winning name, not only will you get the warm fuzzy feeling of giving this press an identity (and gender), but you’ll win a box set of 10 cards from the very first design printed on the press! It’ll be like the press is thanking you for bestowing on it such a wonderful name.. :)

Once you’ve submitted your suggestion, don’t forget to also head over to Happy Penguin Press shop and blog to check out all the other amazing work Ashley and Bryan do!

All photos by Happy Penguin Press :)

Happy Friday! x


  1. I think Robina (Row-bina) would be a nice name. It’s also my boyfriend’s mum’s name, but shhhh ;) She’s a strong and creative lady, and it’s a pretty name, so it’s a fitting name I think!

  2. Matilda, or Mattie for short. She’s beautiful!

  3. Maya

    I’ve only just discovered fellow fellow, and am working my way through all your lovely archives. Just interested: what was the press named in the end? I would have named it Oscar. It’s so obviously a strong press, but it’s interesting, and a bit dandified – definitely an Oscar. your blog by the way! Thanks.

    • ffadmin

      Hi Maya! So happy to know that you’ve found FF and are enjoying some of our past posts! :) I think Oscar is a fabulous name for a press… They ended up naming it ‘Ceci Preciouse’ – the post is here if you’d like to see it:
      Claire x