National Day 2013

August 12, 2013 | Personal, Singapore

Hi guys! How was your weekend?

We were lucky enough to have had a 4 day weekend, how great is that?! Honestly, all weekends should be 4 days long. We had Thursday off for Hari Raya, and Friday was Singapore’s 48th Birthday (National Day). Singapore marks it’s birthday every year with a huge parade around Marina Bay, but seeing as we didn’t have tickets we took a walk up to Henderson Waves Bridge to watch the jets and helicopters flying around instead. It was a beautiful afternoon, and we were even lucky enough to have the helicopters carrying giant Singaporean flags fly directly over us. Awesome!

Happy Birthday Singapore! Thanks for making us so welcome over the past couple of years.. we love it here! :)

Singapore National Day Singapore National DayJust a few photos we took while we were up on the bridge (see the bridge in the last photo). Such a great view!


  1. Claire!

    I was there on that very day too. And very very eerily, I thought you would be too coz’ I remember you mentioning that you like Hederson Waves walk in an earlier post. I didn’t see you around. I missed the helicopters as well, maybe coz’ we were there during forenoon. Nice shots!

    • ffadmin

      Hey Priya! No way!? Haha, so funny that you knew I’d be up there too :) What a shame we missed each other! Hope you had a nice National Day anyway :) x

  2. This is awesome! You’re experiences with Singapore are making me twitchy to try the expat life again. (: