Out in Style: Biking around

September 19, 2011 | Fashion

Happy Monday everyone!

We’re kicking off today with some lovely outdoor inspiration (even if it’s not outdoor weather here today!). I dream of owning this bike.. and living near fields of golden grass to ride through, evening breeze in my hair, flowing summer dress trailing behind, appropriate theme music accompaniment.. yeah just like that.

Clockwise from top left: Infusion Rucksack, Rayban Sunglasses, Velorbis BikeInstax Mini CameraExtraseed Vegan Flats, Anorak Picnic Rug.

Friday Fix-It : 01

September 16, 2011 | Photography

Even though I don’t consider myself a photographer, I really love taking photos! I get such satisfaction out of taking a great shot and knowing it was all me.

Something else I love? Photoshop Actions :)

I’m certainly no hot-shot at Photoshop either, so Actions have become my best friends. For anyone interested, a simple google search will turn up plenty of free actions, and also plenty you can buy. I’ve been using Totally Rad Actions for a while now, and have just started using RadLab, which I can’t recommend highly enough! Talk about a great idea :)

So because I’m still learning, and I hate to learn alone, I thought I’d post my action ‘Recipes’ every now and then for anyone else out there that’s interested in seeing what actions can do!

Photo by Claire Dalgliesh

This is a photo I took of my dear friend Christine and her little boy Vincent. And here’s the recipe:

Recipe (using RadLab):

Flare Up 55%
Get Faded Winter 53%
Contrast 62%
Claire-ify 23%
Lights On 57%