Pins 12.03.13


  1. Love, love ALL of these!! x

  2. eb

    Love that arm chair!

  3. So pretty! I really wish I had an endless bank account because I would love every piece in one way shape or form! I especially would love to make a pillow out of the floral fabric! =)

  4. Claire S.

    Wow, this is too weird! My name is Claire and i’m a high school student. I was on craftgawker and saw your blog. I had a mini heart attack when I saw your name and even more when I saw where you had lived. I’ve lived in Germany and am fluent in German.. but now I live in the US. I wanted to start a blog with friends and this is really similar to the format I wanted (except mine would mostly be about food)! How did you start this and through who? Does it cost money to run? Do you have any other tips or suggestions? Thank you so much!