Recipe: Choc Chip Cookies

July 30, 2012 | Recipe

It’s one of the baking basics around here.. Chocolate Chip Cookies always go down a treat. I ended up baking this batch at about 10pm the other night because I had a craving and didn’t have any cookies in the house (I’m very disciplined when I’m at the supermarket.. not so much once I get home!). Do you have a favourite go-to cookie recipe? I also really love Jam Drops (Thumbprints?).. mmmm maybe they’ll be next on the list for late-night baking :)

This recipe is adapted from Donna Hay Modern Classics Book 2.


  1. I bet these beauties tasted about 10x better than store bought ones anyway. Lovely! Cheers from London :)

    • ffadmin

      Always lovely to see you here Will! You’re right – they are quite delicious :) Hope you’re enjoying the Olympics!

  2. Oh, those look delicious! Currently eating homebaked brownies myself. ^^

  3. that made me laugh – I’m also very disciplined at the super market and it’s all downhill at home. These look so so yummy. sigh.


  4. Those look so tasty!

  5. Ray

    Hummm… they look delicious, gonna try those this afternoon. Question though: in Brazil is very hard to find brown sugar. If I used regular white sugar and bitter chocolate, would it still taste ok?

    • ffadmin

      Hi Ray, I’m sure just using white sugar will work too :) Good luck!

  6. Yum! We made cookies this week too: Banana Bread Chocolate Chip! They were delicious:

    • ffadmin

      Oh my gosh.. YUM! I never thought to add banana to cookies.. definitely going to try these, thank you! x

  7. these are so yummy. i do not have a green thumb in the kitchen but i pulled this off with no hitch. made the hubby very happy. thank you!

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