I Heart Art: Lara Harwood

February 27, 2012 | Art

Morning all!

With only one week until I fly home to finish preparing for our wedding, I’m starting to feel like most brides I’ve spoken to a month out from their weddings – stressed. Somehow my to-do list is still growing with funny little jobs that keep cropping up out of the blue. I look forward to do the day that the list starts getting smaller, which probably won’t be until the actual wedding day! Oh honeymoon, you will be cherished.

Anyhow, enough whining. I am here this morning to show you something lovely and happy and stress-free!

Check out these gorgeous artworks by Lara Harwood, don’t they make you happy? They make me happy.. especially these first two. They make me want to throw a confetti party!

All images are by Lara Harwood, via You Are My Fave, via a Rowan tree.