Inspired by natural beauty products

April 18, 2013 | Inspired by...

Ah, beauty products. Do you have any favourites?

I’ve found that as I’ve grown older, I’ve become more attracted to the natural and organic beauty products, especially when it comes to basic skin care. I think I’d like to branch out and try more natural products for my shower routine too, which leads me to my amazing finds below!

It all came about when I was scouting around Etsy today for something totally unrelated, and I came across this delicious sounding bath soak from Herbivore Botanicals, which then sent me on an hours-long adventure into the world of natural beauty products on Etsy. There are loads of great options, and these are just a few of the ones that stood out to me. Aren’t they just lovely?

Any take your fancy too? :)

1. Coconut Milk Oatmeal Bath Soak from Herbivore Botanicals
2. Vegan Soap Set from Right Soap
3. Gentle Day Moisturizer from Conscious Skincare
4. Balancing Face Oil from Kadria Skincare
5. Lip Balms from Herbivore Botanicals
6. Grapefruit Musk Bath & Body Oil from LucaBello Skincare
7. Flower Power Bath Salts from Spa Goddess
8. Body and Hand Sugar Scrub from Lady Gatsby