Make Art That Sells – Week 2

November 2, 2015 | Design, Drawn, Make Art That Sells, Personal


Phew, week 2 of Make Art That Sells was a doozy! In a good way, of course ;-)

This week was all about the Home Decor market, and we were tasked with using Staffordshire Pottery as our drawing inspiration. If you don’t know what Staffordshire Pottery is (like I didn’t), do a google search and you’ll find some of the weirdest, scariest, and definitely not-to-my-taste ceramic figurines. Huh, crap. How was I meant to get inspired by a subject matter I didn’t find very attractive?!

Luckily I don’t think I was alone in feeling this way – it seems like a lot of the people in my class were also struggling with it a little bit which made me feel reassured! Nevertheless I managed to get over myself and find some time while Arlo napped to try sketching a few of these funny figurines without being too self conscious of the outcome (kinda tough for me!). The idea is to experiement after all. And whaddayaknow – I actually started to enjoy it. So then I moved onto watercolour and it only got better! Wha. Amazing – and the funny thing is, because Staffordshire pottery is already kinda quirky, I found that the less precise my illustrations were the better, and the fat watercolour strokes seemed to just fit right in.

claire dalgliesh MATS PartA

Yay! So now that I had some icons to work with, next up was to tackle the main assignment for this week, which was to create a set of 4 ceramic plates using our Staffordshire illustrations. By now I was really loving the assignment, so had fun putting the plates together :)

Here’s my final piece.


So despite the slightly unsettling start to this week, I’m really happy with where it ended up! :) And looking at our class Flickr group I’m blown away by just how varied our work is. All 200 (or so) of us got the same brief, and no one’s work is even close to similar, it’s kind of amazing!

This week we’re onto Children’s picture books… bring it!

DIY Spotty Jars and Jewellery Dishes

May 9, 2013 | DIY

Mother’s Day is only a few days away now, and if you haven’t got Mum that perfect present yet, have I got a treat for you! :)

Please welcome Jasmine, a friend of mine and a fellow blogger who has put together this super cute and very easy DIY for you all! Jasmine’s blog, Scissors Paper Stone is so full of creative ideas, stories from her life, and even her secrets on where to find craft and baking supplies here in Singapore, so do drop by and say hi to her!

And now, the DIY – take it away Jasmine!

I really love DIYs that make use of items that I already have at home. This DIY uses nail polish and hole reinforcement stickers to create that polka dotted effect that we all love. The hardest part is probably deciding which ceramic or glass item is screaming for a new look!

All you need is:

Materials– hole reinforcement stickers
– nail polish
– glass jar or ceramic dish

So simple!

1. Stick the reinforcement stickers on the glass and make sure they are firmly stuck on.

2. Paint a coat of nail polish and leave it to dry. Paint a second coat if you would prefer a darker effect.

3. Once all the dots are painted, leave it to dry for a few hours. Once it is dry, carefully remove the reinforcement stickers.


And that’s it!

I’ve used it here as a sweet little vase, but you could also put a candle inside as a votive, or even store some pencils in it on your desk. And in case glass jars aren’t your thing, this technique also works on ceramics!

I just used a couple of plain white dishes to create some cute spotty catch-alls for around the house – they’re perfect for storing stationery or even as a jewellery dish on your nightstand! And in case you’re wanting to go a bit more bold – why not try gold nail polish on black!

The options are endless, try mixing and matching different nail polish colours (neon anyone?) and different sized jars and bowls.. and most of all, have fun with it!

And last but not least, some final notes:

– If you make a mistake, dip a cotton bud in nail polish remover and gently remove the nail polish and start again.
– Due to the toxic nature of nail polish, please do not use the finished item for serving food.