DIY brass tack baubles

November 22, 2011 | DIY

Ready for a little DIY this morning? Well here we go! I was wanting to make something festive to start decorating our apartment for Christmas, but I really wanted to keep it cheap.. cause I’m like that, cheapy cheap cheap-o. So here’s a super easy DIY that’s guaranteed to bring a bit of bling to your Christmas decorating for next to nothing :)

For the yellow string bauble:

1. Starting from the bottom, put a little bit of super glue onto the styrofoam ball and stick down the end of string. Start winding, gluing as you go until you get almost to the top.

2. Unfold the paperclip, then bend it in the middle to get a bobby-pin style piece of wire. Cut off some of your string for hanging and make it a loop, tying a knot in the end. Then put the loop of string through the bent wire and push it into the top of your styrofoam ball. Push it all the way down until the string is secure and ready for hanging.

3. Continue winding your string onto the bauble until you reach the top.

4. Place some brass tacks around the bauble wherever you’d like.. and voila!

Note: Please be careful with the superglue! It can get a bit messy, and the last thing I want is for someone to spend Christmas with a half-finished bauble stuck to their hand..

For the all-tack bauble:

1. Starting from the bottom of the styrofoam ball, push the brass tacks in working around the ball as evenly as possible. Overlap them as you go to avoid any gaps.

2. Once you’re nearly to the top, unfold your paperclip and fold it again in the middle making a bobby-pin style piece of wire. Cut off a piece of the string you want to use to hang the bauble and make it a loop, tying the ends. Put the loop through the piece of wire and push it fully into the top of the styrofoam ball until it’s secure.

3. Continue placing your tacks until you reach the top… done!