5 Halloween DIYs To Try

October 21, 2015 | 5 DIYs To Try

Man, this year is flying. I’m sure I say that every year, but I can’t believe it’s the middle of October already! I got a bit of a wakeup call when I noticed the halloween party fliers go up in our condo lobby… it can’t be halloween time again already?! Well, I guess it can. Eesh.

I thought it might be helpful to pull together a few fantastic, quick DIY’s and printables from around the web to get in the spooky spirit – just in case you’re like us and Halloween just crept up on you this year! Time to get my craft on!

Halloween DIYs

1. Printable Stick-o Treats from Oh Happy Day  2. DIY Pun-kins from Studio DIY  3. Jack-O-Lantern Balloons from A Subtle Revelry  4. Carved Pineapple from A Subtle Revelry  5. Halloween Coloring Pages from Mr. Printables

For the first time in years we live in an apartment building with lots of kids, so I might have to craft up some Spook-pops to give the trick-or-treaters :)

In case you’d like to check out some of the other Halloween DIYs I’ve done in years past, here they are… oldies but goodies!

Halloween DIYs by Fellow Fellow

6. DIY Creepy Crawly Insect Lamps  7. DIY Houses by Night  8. DIY Spook-Pops

Happy crafting! x

5 DIYs To Try (+4 for the kids!)

July 5, 2015 | 5 DIYs To Try

Hey guys! Are you all having a nice weekend? For everyone in the US – Happy 4th for yesterday! :)

We’re spending most of the weekend (well, while Arlo’s napping anyway) packing up our apartment for the move in a couple of weeks. Let’s be honest, not much packing gets done with an 11 month old around.. so we’re starting early and giving ourselves plenty of time. Still, not a load of fun really.

So instead of packing right now, I’m taking a break to look at some other much more interesting things – like DIYs to try! How great are these?
DIYs to Try

1. Dishwasher Safe Hand Painted Dishes from Delia Creates  2. Spring Garden Mantelpiece from Design Sponge  3. Citronella Candles from Sugar and Charm  4. Flower arrangement from Atilio  5. Copper Candles from The Merry Thought.

And because there are such sweet Kids DIYs around at the moment, I’ve put a few of my favourites together below too :) Kids’ stuff is always so cute!

DIYs to Try for Kids6. Bag of Rhymes and Finger Puppets from Ukkonooa  7. Summer Straw Necklace from Say Yes  8. Make-A-Face Apron from Mer Mag  9. Sky Blocks from Lovely Indeed.

I hope you guys find these as inspiring as I do! Have a happy weekend :)

5 DIYs To Try

March 13, 2015 | 5 DIYs To Try

Hello hello! The weekend is nearly upon us (YAY!) so what better time to round up a few of the fab DIYs I’ve been seeing around the place lately. I love that metallic is still king :)

I must admit I haven’t had much time for DIYs lately, (it’s been less crafting and creating, and more pureeing and mopping haha) but these sure do make me want to bust out the craft supplies!

5 DIYs to try1. Mini Hexagon Marble Wall Clock by Sugar & Cloth
2. Gold Leather Four Leaf Clover Garland by Flax & Twine
3. Copper Desk Tidy by Burkatron
4. Hexagon Ring Dishes by Homey Oh My!
5. Gold Foil Brush Stroke Pillow by Ashley for Design Love Fest

On a more parental note – I think I’ve officially been initiated into Motherhood. Like any other Mother, I’ve been pooped on, drooled on, farted on, kicked, poked, and screamed at. But 2 days ago, Arlo vomitted in my mouth. My MOUTH. Uh. My fault I guess for lifting him above my head while saying “yaaaaay!”… Oh the joys! ;-)

Arlo - nearly 7 months :)


DIY Spook-Pops!

October 17, 2013 | DIY

DIY Spook-Pops!

So yesterday I mentioned that I’d had a DIY idea come to me in a flash the other day, and now I’m here to share it with you! I have no idea where the idea came from.. I don’t celebrate halloween, and haven’t had a lollipop for years – but here we are haha! The mind is a funny thing. Hopefully some of you out there celebrate halloween and will find this DIY fun and useful :)

I thought these pops would be great if you’re having a halloween party, or need a quick gift for someone.. they’re so cute!

DIY Spook-Pops

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Ghost and Skeleton Template in A4 or LETTER
– Lollipops
– Tissue Paper in black and white
– Sticky Tape
– Paint Markers
– Hole Punch
– Scissors

Step 1.
Cut the tissue paper into approx. 10cm (4″) squares. You’ll need a few layers so you can’t see the lollipop wrapper underneath. Round off the corners of each square.

DIY Spook-PopsStep 2.
Envelope the lollipop with the tissue circle, and twist the ends around the stick (much like how the original wrapper is done). Use a length of sticky tape to secure it in place. Try not to get too much bulk at the base of the lollipop as that makes it more difficult later on.

DIY Spook-PopsStep 3.
Print out the templates on light card (colour is up to you) and cut them out. Use your hold punch to punch the circles indicated on the pattern. TIP: Turn your hole punch upside down and take the back cover off – that way you can see the paper when you feed it in, and can line up where you need to punch.

DIY Spook-Pops

Step 4.
Thread the lollipop stick through the top hole you’ve just made, followed by the bottom hole. Ease the cardboard into place on the lollipop, tape down the back if you need.

DIY Spook-Pops

Step 5.
For the Ghosts, use a black pen to draw in some eyes and a mouth.
For the Skeletons – I used a silver marker to draw some bones on the body and some creepy (but cute!) facial features before attaching them to the lollipop stick.

DIY Spook-Pops

So there you go – simple or what?! I wish we celebrated halloween here – I think they’d be a really fun thing to hand out to trick or treaters! :) What do you think?

DIY Spook-Pops DIY Spook-Pops