DIY Twine Twig

December 3, 2013 | Christmas, DIY

Hi friends!  :)

I’ve got another DIY for you today! Last week I showed you a tutorial on how to make some cute little Cement Christmas ornaments, and this week I’ll be showing you how to make something to hang them on :)

I’ve been seeing decorative twine twigs and trees around a bit this season, but because I don’t have the cash to spend on them right now, I thought I’d attempt to make my own. And actually – I surprised myself with how well it turned out! Sometimes I go into these DIYs with no idea whether the vision in my head is actually going to work with the materials I have, so was thrilled to get to the end of this one and find myself with exactly what I’d been trying for! :)

Twine Twig DIYThis is a really simplistic and creative alternative to a Christmas Tree – albeit a smaller, less green, and less tree-like version haha. But still really cute! And, I don’t think it has to be limited to Christmas time either – I can totally see this on it’s own in a vase all year round (Or hang some eggs on it for Easter, hearts for Valentines Day?…)

So, let’s do this!

Twine Twig DIYYou’ll need:
– 4 lengths of thick wire (approx. 1 metre each) – They should be as thick as you’d like your branches to be. Mine were still bendable, but pretty solid.
– A roll of twine
– Tape
– Super Glue
– Pliers
– Wire cutters

*There were no hard and fast rules about how to shape your branch. You might want to use more or less wire, or have shorter lengths. Play around with it, and do whatever works for you. Also if you have a specific bottle you want to put the finished branch in, keep it in mind as you work. This will determine how long the stem should be to fit nicely. Keep the bottle nearby so you can keep measuring the branch against it.*

Step 1.
Take the 4 lengths of wire and hold them together in a bundle. You can tape them together lower down to stop them separating, or just hold them firmly. Start to move and bend the individual pieces of wire to form the branches. Make some shorter and some longer. If you want another branch, you can even bend one of the lengths of wire in half and bring the bottom half up to form a branch.

Once you’ve got the branches in the positions you like, tape them together. If you have any longer lengths of wire coming out the bottom, fold them up so they’re all around the same length. Tape them all together. It doesn’t matter too much if it looks a bit messy at this stage, it’ll all get covered.

Twine Twig DIYTwine Twig DIYStep 2.
When winding on the twine, it’s best to start from the ends and work to the middle. Keeping the twine attached to the ball – begin at the top branch tip, glue the start of the twin over the end of the wire with superglue (be careful not to glue your fingers!). Once it’s secure, begin to wrap the twine around the wire tightly, adding a dob of superglue every now and then to stop it unravelling.

Keep wrapping until you reach a junction. At the junction (where another branch comes in), glue the end of the twine to the wire and once it’s secure, cut it off from the main ball.

Twine Twig DIY


Step 3.
Do this same process with the remaining branches, always starting from the end and working to the middle.

Twine Twig DIY

Step 4.
Once all the branches are done (or you can do it in stages like I did in the photo above) wrap the main middle stem tightly from top to bottom. Work all the way down until you reach the base of your branch. Glue the end of the twine down and cut off the excess.

Ta daaaaa! One twine-wrapped branch, ready for decorating.

Twine Twig DIY Twine Twig DIY Twine Twig DIY

The Cement Trees looked really pretty with the twine, don’t you think? And I added a touch of neon ribbon and wrapping to make it bright and cheerful :)

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DIY Advent Calendar

November 19, 2013 | Christmas, DIY

Hiiiii! Happy Tuesday :)

I’m curious – do any of you do Advent Calendars in your house? We didn’t really have them growing up, but when I did an exchange to Switzerland in year 11, my host family did it beautifully, with boxes lining the staircase, each one holding a little gift or message. I loved it, and it’s stuck with me all these years (thanks Maryline!)! So I thought it might be fun to do another one this year – for my Husband, seeing as we have no kiddies ;)

I had grand plans for this advent calendar, but I’ll be honest – it ended up being a little more time-consuming and tricky than I’d thought! It was one of those DIYs that had me debating whether to keep pushing on with it, or pack it in and admit defeat. As you can see, I did push on with it, and I’m glad I did. I think it’ll be really fun :)

Advent Calendar DIY

So this is it: I made some lidless boxes out of Kraft card, fill each box with a gift/message, then covered the openings with tissue paper. So when each day comes, my hubby will break through the tissue and find a prize. I can imagine kids would love the act of breaking into each box with their hands to find a surprise inside, don’t you think? And I’m pretty sure normally Advent Calendars only go to day 24, but I thought opening one on Christmas day would be nice too.

So, if you’d like to give this a go I’ll put some instructions below. If you’re not crazy like me and would prefer to just buy 25 boxes (approx. 10cm x 10cm) instead of making them – I’d recommend it! It’d make the whole DIY easier and save a lot of time and hand-ache! In that case, you can skip to Step 4.

Here’s what you’ll need:
– 25 x A3 size, medium weight card (any colour, thick enough to hold it’s own weight, but thin enough to be cut and folded)
– Scissors, Ruler, Pencil
– Stapler and lots of staples
– Tissue Paper
– Sticky Tape
– Advent Numbers printed on sticker paper, then cut or punched out (LETTER or A4)
– Little gifts or messages to fill your boxes!

Step 1.
On one sheet of A3 card, measure out a box template (see below). I ended up doing mine with 99mm sides so that it’d fit exactly across the width of my A3 card. You can make them whatever size you like though – just make sure they’re deep enough to hold little gifts, and wide enough for a hand. Cut template out.

Advent Calendar DIYStep 2.
Use this first box as a template, and trace around it onto the rest of your A3 sheets of card. Cut them all out.

Advent Calendar DIY

Step 3.
Using a ruler as a guide, fold in the sides and the flaps on each box. Make sure they’re clean, sharp folds. Use a stapler to attach the flaps to the sides, forming your box. You can also glue these, but it takes a lot longer!

Advent Calendar DIYStep 4.
Now that you’ve got your boxes (or if you bought boxes), it’s now time to fill and seal them. I’d recommend writing a list of which gifts will go in each day so you can keep track of what’s where, and spread out any bigger gifts.

Start by cutting the tissue paper into approx. 13 x 13 cm squares. Choose whichever colours you’d like – I chose gold :)

Advent Calendar DIYStep 5.
Take a box, and put the gift inside. If the gift is too big to fit in the box, put a little note or clue to tell them where to find it. It’s fun that way! :)

Advent Calendar DIYStep 6.
Cut off 4 lengths of sticky tape, each slightly longer than one side of the box. Stick the tissue over the box opening, starting with two opposite sides first, then fold in the other two sides like you’d wrap a gift. Use the remaining sticky tape to stick them down. Tissue paper is quite fragile, so you might have to be gentle.

Advent Calendar DIY

Step 7.
Lastly, take the Advent Numbers you cut out before and gently stick the corresponding number into the middle of the tissue paper. That’s it!

Finish the rest of the boxes, then work out how you’d like to stack them. I found that when mine were stacked, they could be a little wobbly, so I ran a strip of washi tape along the length (underneath and on top) of each row to hold them together. You could also stick them to a board.

Advent Calendar DIY

So as you can see, it’s fairly involved! But it’ll make December just that much more fun :)

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FF Decor Guide

November 14, 2013 | Christmas, Guides

Oh my gosh I love Christmas decorations! In real life, my Christmas decoration box is full of a mish-mash of ornaments, garlands and lights that have all come from different places at different times.. but if I could start from scratch I’d gladly add any of the lovelies below to my collection – especially no. 6. I’m utterly head over heals for that wreath.

Without even thinking about it, I’ve managed to keep all these ornaments in the fairly neutral range, so you could add any colours with them you want really! Happy decorating! :)

Decor Guide

1. Louise Roe Copper Diamond Ornament (Norsu)  2. Teepee Christmas Ornaments (Prince Design UK)  3. Ornate House Ornament (Crate & Barrel)  4. Fabric Engraving Ornaments (Terrain)  5. Handmade Paper Bunting (Toast)

Decor Guide6. Large Copper Himmeli Wreath (Hruskaa)  7. Star Himmeli (Hruskaa)  8. Mirror House Christmas Ornament (Here & Now)  9. Crochet Garland (Namolio)  10. Birch Star Ornaments (Terrain)  11. Vegas Boneyard Star Light (Fromage La Rue)  12. Wooden Creature Ornaments (Urban Outfitters)