DIY Bunny Garland

March 14, 2013 | DIY

I love bunnies! Not just at Easter time either, all year round.. they’re just so darn cute!

Easter is a good excuse to get more of a bunny fix without looking obsessive though, so I thought why make a bounding group of buns for above my desk?

I had some extra embossing foil lying around, so decided that would be my material of choice – and boy do these bunnies shine! If you don’t have any foil though, you could easily make them from cardboard and just colour them in, piece of cake! Carrot cake in fact. Yes, I went there.

Ok, so here’s what you’ll need!

Materials– Embossing foil (The metal I used was approx. 0.1mm thick)
– Bunny template (I’ve made one you can use: A4 and Letter)
– Sharp pointed tool (or large needle)
– Blunt pencil
– Scissors
– Strong thread
– Beads (optional)
– Foam sheet (optional)
– Sticky tape (optional)

Step 1.
Print out your template, and use it to cut out a bunch of bunnies.

Step 2.
Put something soft down on the tabletop, like a piece of craft foam. Take one of your metal bunnies and overlay the template again. Using your sharp tool, pierce through the two circles marked on the template. These will be where your string goes through. Do that for all the bunnies. Then, keeping the bunnies on the craft foam, take your blunt pencil (if it’s too sharp it might rip the metal) and indent lines and patterns into the bodies of your bunnies. Flatten them out again if they’ve bent a bit.

Step 3.
Once you’ve finished decorating your bunnies, all that’s left to do is thread them onto your string! Make sure that you always thread them in the same way – from front to back through the first hole, then from back to front though the second hole, so you’ll end up with a line of string running along the backs of each bunny. If you want, you can add a piece of sticky tape to the backs to hold them in place along the string.

Step 4.
String them up and admire your work! :)

It turns out that it’s quite a hard thing to photograph.. I’m not sure they’ve really done it justice! Oh well.. still cute :)