DIY Cement Ornaments

November 26, 2013 | Christmas, DIY

DIY Cement Ornaments

I really enjoyed working with cement for this votive DIY I did a while ago, and have been trying to think of a way to use it again in a new way.. and then these decorations popped into my head! Perfect! Don’t you think they’d look great hanging on a Christmas tree? They’re super cute, and so so easy – you could make them in any shape you like (as long as you can find the mould!).

DIY Cement Ornaments

Here’s what you’ll need:
– Disposable cup
– Stirring stick (disposable)
– Vaseline
– Candle mould
– Drinking straw
– Cement Powder (from the local hardware store – just the base material, there are no rocks or sand added)

Step 1.
Use a brush (or fingers) to apply a thin coat of vaseline inside of each moulds.

DIY Cement OrnamentsStep 2.
Put some of the dry cement powder into the disposable cup (fill about 1/3 of the cup). Gradually add water to the powder, stirring as you go (with the disposable stick), until you reach the consistency of melted ice cream.

DIY Cement Ornaments

Step 3.
Transfer some of the cement mixture into the moulds, and gently tap the mould against a table to spread the cement. Add more cement until it’s full, and keep tapping the mould to release any air bubbles.

DIY Cement Ornaments

Step 4.
Leave the mould to dry. Once it’s been drying for 1/2 an hour – an hour, cut the straw into pieces (longer than the depth of the cement you just poured). Carefully push a length of straw into the top of each ornament until it’s touching the bottom – this will become the hole for the ribbon. Now you’ll want to leave the ornaments to dry over night.

DIY Cement OrnamentsStep 5.
After the ornaments have dried overnight, carefully pull them out of the mould. Twist the straw out, and don’t worry if it’s not a clear hole the whole way through. Now leave them to dry for another day. Sorry, I know it’s long, but it’s necessary!

DIY Cement Ornaments

Step 6.
Now that your ornaments are fully dry, use some sandpaper to sand both sides and smooth off the edges. If the hole isn’t quite open, use a drill to carefully drill through the cement and open it up.

Tie some ribbon through the hole, and hang your brand new ornament on the tree! :)

DIY Cement Ornaments

DIY Cement Ornaments

Although I really love the beautiful simplicity of the ornaments above, I also thought some gold could be nice too! So I bought a gilding kit, and got to work :) I’ve never gilded anything before, but with the right tools it was quite easy! And very effective – just follow the instructions that come with the kit you buy. This kit is the one I bought.

DIY Cement Ornaments DIY Cement Ornaments

Soooo pretty don’t you think?! And easy too. Next week I’ll show you how to make something to hang them on if you don’t have a tree, so keep an eye out for that one! :)

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FF Decor Guide

November 14, 2013 | Christmas, Guides

Oh my gosh I love Christmas decorations! In real life, my Christmas decoration box is full of a mish-mash of ornaments, garlands and lights that have all come from different places at different times.. but if I could start from scratch I’d gladly add any of the lovelies below to my collection – especially no. 6. I’m utterly head over heals for that wreath.

Without even thinking about it, I’ve managed to keep all these ornaments in the fairly neutral range, so you could add any colours with them you want really! Happy decorating! :)

Decor Guide

1. Louise Roe Copper Diamond Ornament (Norsu)  2. Teepee Christmas Ornaments (Prince Design UK)  3. Ornate House Ornament (Crate & Barrel)  4. Fabric Engraving Ornaments (Terrain)  5. Handmade Paper Bunting (Toast)

Decor Guide6. Large Copper Himmeli Wreath (Hruskaa)  7. Star Himmeli (Hruskaa)  8. Mirror House Christmas Ornament (Here & Now)  9. Crochet Garland (Namolio)  10. Birch Star Ornaments (Terrain)  11. Vegas Boneyard Star Light (Fromage La Rue)  12. Wooden Creature Ornaments (Urban Outfitters)

DIY Painted Ornaments

November 22, 2012 | DIY

Can you believe December is just a few days away?! Before you know it, Christmas trees will be going up and wreaths hung.. I noticed it’s in full swing down the main streets here already! I’ve been happily singing along to all the carols playing in the supermarket hehe..

With all that in mind, I thought it was a great time to put together a little Christmas Ornament DIY for you all to spruce up your trees this year :)

Using metallic paint really makes these beauties shine!

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Oven bake clay
– Baking paper
– Rolling pin
– Something round, approximately 5 cm (2″) wide to use as a template (or if you have a cookie cutter – even better!)
– Xacto knife
– A drinking straw
– A very find paint brush
– Acrylic paint (suitable for ceramics) in metallic gold (I used one by Martha Stewart)

Step 1.

Soften the clay by kneading it in your hands. Place it between two sheets of baking paper and roll out to an even thickness (approx. 4mm, or 0.15″). Put the slab onto a cutting mat, and using your template (I used the bottom of a paper cup) cut around the circle, keeping the knife as upright as possible (90 degrees to the table).

Step 2.

Once you’ve got your circle cut out, use the end of the straw to make a hole through the top (about 1cm in from the edge). Bake the clay circles in the oven as per the instructions on the packet.

Step 3.

Once the circles have cooled, use your fine brush to paint patterns of your choice onto the clay with the metallic paint. You may have to do a couple of coats. Don’t forget to paint the sides too! Allow to dry completely before threading with your favourite ribbon or string, and hang it on the tree for all to see! :)

Hope you enjoy! If you’ve missed any of my other DIYs you can check them all out here. :)