DIY Painted Ornaments

November 22, 2012 | DIY

Can you believe December is just a few days away?! Before you know it, Christmas trees will be going up and wreaths hung.. I noticed it’s in full swing down the main streets here already! I’ve been happily singing along to all the carols playing in the supermarket hehe..

With all that in mind, I thought it was a great time to put together a little Christmas Ornament DIY for you all to spruce up your trees this year :)

Using metallic paint really makes these beauties shine!

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Oven bake clay
– Baking paper
– Rolling pin
– Something round, approximately 5 cm (2″) wide to use as a template (or if you have a cookie cutter – even better!)
– Xacto knife
– A drinking straw
– A very find paint brush
– Acrylic paint (suitable for ceramics) in metallic gold (I used one by Martha Stewart)

Step 1.

Soften the clay by kneading it in your hands. Place it between two sheets of baking paper and roll out to an even thickness (approx. 4mm, or 0.15″). Put the slab onto a cutting mat, and using your template (I used the bottom of a paper cup) cut around the circle, keeping the knife as upright as possible (90 degrees to the table).

Step 2.

Once you’ve got your circle cut out, use the end of the straw to make a hole through the top (about 1cm in from the edge). Bake the clay circles in the oven as per the instructions on the packet.

Step 3.

Once the circles have cooled, use your fine brush to paint patterns of your choice onto the clay with the metallic paint. You may have to do a couple of coats. Don’t forget to paint the sides too! Allow to dry completely before threading with your favourite ribbon or string, and hang it on the tree for all to see! :)

Hope you enjoy! If you’ve missed any of my other DIYs you can check them all out here. :)

DIY Watercolour Notebooks

April 19, 2012 | DIY

I love the basic Moleskin Notebooks.. there’s something truly beautiful about their simplicity. My favourite ones are the kraft cover, creamy paper, stitched binding variety. I always seem to have a few hanging around the house with bits and pieces written in them, and when I found these two tucked in a drawer I thought it might be fun to customise them. I fully understand that customising them has taken away from the simplicity I was just talking about, but hey.. it was fun and they look pretty!

So, here’s what you’ll need:

– Some blank-cover notebooks (I used Moleskin pocket-size)
– Paint brushes in various sizes/shapes
– Watercolour paints
– A tray you can mix your colours in
– A cup with some water in it
– A blank piece of paper or cardboard

Step 1: Put some of your chosen paint into your tray (you won’t need too much), and mix in some water with each.

Step 2: My flowers are a combination of just dabbing the brush onto the card, and making short strokes. If you’re not super experienced with watercolour (like me!), a good place to start is by experimenting with your brushes and paints on a blank piece card. Dab your brushes from different angles, drag them, press them lightly and heavily. Doing this will just help you get an idea of the different ‘flowers’ you can get with the different brushes. You may also notice that you’ll get different results with more/less water, so just play around.

Step 3: Once you’re feeling confident, start working on your notebook. It’s best to start from the top of your cover and work down so you aren’t dragging your hand through wet paint. I did my flowers in stages – blue/orange flowers (the biggest ones) first, then layering the rest over that. Wait for each layer to dry before doing the next. My final colour on each was a metallic gold watercolour, which made everything really stand out.

And that’s pretty much it! The colours and patterns you can do are only limited by your imagination.. have fun with it!

Note: I’m not an experienced watercolour artist, so I can’t guarantee that my methods in watercolour are really correct! I’m just going with trial and error :)