Inspired by New Year’s Eve

December 27, 2012 | Inspired by...

Can you believe we’ll be seeing in a new year in just a few days? It’s time to get your party shoes on and let a little glitter into your life! I say that and then will probably be in bed by 10 that night haha. I’m big into Christmas, not so much into New Year.. so, let’s remedy that shall we?

How about some bright, warm colours, hints of gold, and some glitter.. oh, and confetti of course! I even added a gorgeous plum jacket for those of you celebrating in the northern hemisphere ;)

Clockwise from top: Tassel Garland Peach/Pink from Confetti System, Giant balloons from Geronimo, Bow Coat in Cabernet from JCrew, Confetti Peach/Pink from Confetti System, Rosy-Cheeked Coupes from BHLDN, Sequined Jacquard Dress from Anthropologie, Crystal Starlet Earrings from JCrew.

Inspired by a little girl’s party

July 13, 2012 | Inspired by...

I was hanging out on Pinterest the other day (as you do) and came across this party thrown by TheHennCoop for her daughter’s 1st birthday party. I was completely taken with the sweet and simple decorating style, which seems refreshing after seeing so many over the top kids parties on Pinterest lately!

So I thought it might be fun to put together a few finds inspired by the photo..

Original photo by TheHennCoop, via Pinterest

1. Large tissue Paper Pom Poms by Poms and Circumstance on Etsy
2. Polka-Dot Cocktail Napkins by BHLDN
3. Belgian Linen Twine by Olive Manna
4. Quartzite Cake Stand by BHLDN
5. Wee Medallion Food Picks by BHLDN
6. Small Clothespins by Olive Manna

DIY Party Cups

May 31, 2012 | DIY

After doing this sparkly DIY last week, I decided that I wasn’t quite done with the good ol’ pipe cleaners just yet. Enter – DIY pipe cleaner party cups!

Wouldn’t these be fun for a party? You could give each guest a cup with their initial on it (so they won’t lose which cup is theirs!), or line them up and spell something out.. or even coordinate shapes and colours for a themed party!

Here’s how you go about it:

You’ll need:
– Pipe cleaners
– Blank paper cups
– Hot glue gun
– Pencil

Step 1.
Bend the pipe cleaners into the shapes/letters you’d like. Cut off any extra bits you don’t need.

Step 2.
Hold your shape/letter against one of the cups and use the pencil to lightly mark on the cup where you’d like to glue. I only used one or two dots of glue on each of the cups above, and found it best to glue at joins in the pipe cleaners.

Step 3.
Working quickly, dab a spot of hot glue on the marked spots on your cup, and stick the pipe cleaner letter/shape down. If it’s not too hot, press where you glued with your thumb on the outside, and finger on the inside of the cup to really make sure it’s stuck. Wait for it to cool before using it!

And you’re done! Piece of cake, or what? :)