Three for Free⎪05.09.12

September 5, 2012 | Three for Free

Three pretty freebies that have caught my attention lately! Check out the links below to get them for yourself! :)

1. Geometric Triangle Pattern by August Empress.
2. ‘Whale’ iPhone/iPad Wallpaper by Marloes de Vries for Poolga.
3. Back to School Themed Tags and Labels by Ez of Creature Comforts Blog.

Also, our 1 year giveaway has now closed! I have drawn the lucky winner, and will be contacting them by email today :) Thank you all for your seriously amazing comments, I loved reading every single one!

Three for Free⎪23.08.12

August 23, 2012 | Three for Free

I thought it might be fun to start a new segment showcasing some of the amazing freebies out there at the moment, because who doesn’t love getting beautiful, well designed stuff for free?! Every now and then I’ll put together three from around the web that have caught my eye – whether they’re old, new, or just new to me. Enjoy!

1. Just Begin printable by Ali Edwards for Paper Coterie.
2. Paper-Cut Gems by MiniEco. Via Heodeza.
3. ‘Family’ iPhone/iPad Wallpaper by Haruko Mori for Poolga.

{Freebie} Printable Gift Tags

April 26, 2012 | Freebies

In a sudden bout of experimentation the other day, I created a watercolour pattern that was meant to look like little flowers. I’m not sure I really achieved what it was meant to look like, but I found it pretty anyway! So I thought – why not share it with you guys by creating some printable gifts tags you can use.. after all, Mother’s Day is coming up soon!

***Download by clicking here***

There are lots of combinations possible! Here are a couple to get you inspired:

I printed them out on a heavy card and cut them out by hand, but if you had a punch that would also work. Alternately, you could print them out on sticker paper and get busy sticking! They look really cute stuck to envelopes, jars, or even as labels on boxes :)

For anyone interested – the pretty wrapping papers in the top photo are actually just pages out of a magazine! Super cheap, super easy.