Sponsor Shout-out!

June 22, 2013 | Miscellaneous

Hi guys! I just wanted to pop back in today and give a shout-out to our newest sponsor; Buttercup & Co.!

Buttercup & Co.Their gorgeous selection of jewellery is created by the lovely Tiffany from her studio in California. She not only makes many of her rings using traditional metalsmithing techniques, but sometimes also includes vintage finds into her pieces as well! Be sure to drop by and have a look!

And if you’re interested in being a sponsor on Fellow Fellow too, be sure to head here!


Sponsor Shout-out!

February 9, 2013 | Miscellaneous

Hi guys! I know you don’t normally see me on a Saturday, but I just wanted to pop by and introduce you to our newest sponsor!

Creative Wish is such a gorgeous blog run by twin sisters Lucy and Hana, and is full of all sorts of great DIYs, fashion inspiration and recipes.

They’ve even got some wonderful DIYs for Valentines day – which is only a few days away! Just look at how cute these ideas are! So if you’re still looking for gift ideas, be sure to pop over and check out their Craft Ideas section for loads of inspiration.

You can find these cute straws here, the heart cookie recipe (yum!) here, and this sweet garland DIY here!

Thanks Lucy and Hana!

Name That Press!

August 10, 2012 | Miscellaneous

One of our beloved sponsors – Happy Penguin Press – sent me a lovely email today letting me in on a little competition they’re having right now, to name their beautiful new press! Here he/she is now:

Isn’t he/she a beauty?! If you suggest the winning name, not only will you get the warm fuzzy feeling of giving this press an identity (and gender), but you’ll win a box set of 10 cards from the very first design printed on the press! It’ll be like the press is thanking you for bestowing on it such a wonderful name.. :)

Once you’ve submitted your suggestion, don’t forget to also head over to Happy Penguin Press shop and blog to check out all the other amazing work Ashley and Bryan do!

All photos by Happy Penguin Press :)

Happy Friday! x

Become an FF Sponsor!

May 18, 2012 | Miscellaneous

Hi again, friends!

I’m back again today to tell you some exciting news!

Did any of you notice that there have been a few changes to the blog lately? Nothing major, really.. just a few tweaks to the right hand column so we could make room for some lovely sponsorship! It’s taken me quite a while to decide to go ahead with sponsorship, but as the blog has grown over the last few months, I feel like now is the time to take that next natural step into making my beloved blog into my full-time job. Excited? I really hope so :)

I’ve specifically kept the pricing low so as to appeal to small businesses (starting from $25/month), so please don’t hesitate to click here for more information, or contact me and I’ll shoot a Rates Kit your way :)

Happy Friday, have a wonderful weekend!