Pins 22.10.13

October 22, 2013 | Pins

Some seriously pretty tans and browns today.. aren’t they lovely?

Pins 22.10.131. Baby Deer Print from The Animal Print Shop (via)
2. Brass Vase Miniature from Artilleriet (via Mrs. French)
3. 2014 Weekly Planner from Actspressions (via)
4. Wild Mushroom Candy from Andie’s Specialty Sweets (via My Little Fabric)
5. Linnea’s Lights Candle from Terrain (via)
6. Spicy Roasted Cashews from Fed & Fit (via Bomisch)

Inspired by soft greys and tan

March 8, 2012 | Guest Post, Inspired by...

Hello everyone!

It’s Aude here, from heodeza. I’m so thrilled Claire asked me to do a few guest posts here on Fellow Fellow.

Claire and I live pretty much on opposite sides of the planet, but since we spent almost 6 months together in 2001 during a school exchange programme, she has a very special place in my heart. I am so amazed by her creativity and her amazing sense of style. It’s really an honour for me to be here, and I hope you’ll enjoy spending a little bit of time together as much as I will!

There are two things that inevitably draw my attention when I shop: stripes, and soft greys. I am not sure how it exactly works, but they must trigger some kind of deeply rooted love reaction in the bottom of my heart, something almost unnatural. I absolutely cannot resist them. Seriously.

I wear light grey all year round but it looks its best on me when summer comes around and my skin takes a more caramel-y shade. Hmmm: grey and tan. There’s no way I can resist!

Clockwise from top: Sweater photo (via), Tote bag, DIY braided clay bracelets, Wool iPad sleeve