DIY Washi Tape Stool

August 22, 2013 | DIY

This isn’t so much a DIY post as a project I did, and thought was too easy and cute not to share!

We’ve had one of those timber stools from Ikea for years, and it gets used heaps thanks to our out-of-my-reach kitchen cupboards. As obvious as it might be looking at it, it never actually crossed my mind to put some personality into it.. you know, paint it or something? It’s always just stayed the raw timber we bought it in.

Until recently. The idea was put into my head a few weeks ago when my Interior Designer friend Alli was over and pointed out that painting the stool could really bring some colour into our living room. Brilliant!

As simple as it sounded though, I still hesitated.. paint is a permanent thing, and what if I didn’t like the colour?? And then something wonderful happened. We went to the MT washi tape exhibition, and their new Casa Tapes were staring me in the face, which got me wondering whether I couldn’t washi the stool instead of painting it….

YES, you can! And it works beautifully! Of course, it’s not a permanent solution, and will probably deteriorate faster than paint, but this way I can change it when I get sick of that colour, or mix and match different tapes to get a totally different look!

I decided to leave the steps in timber because they get the most wear, but you could tape the whole thing if you wanted. You might just want to check that it doesn’t reduce the amount of grip you’d have on them.. safety first of course! :)

So you only need 4 things to do this DIY:



MT Casa Washi Tape
– Scissors
– A stool
– Tools to dismantle/rebuild your stool

NOTE: Washi Tape is quite gentle, but if you’re worried about what it might do to your furniture/walls once it’s removed, please do a test first!

Step 1.
While you could do this with the stool still together, I found it easier to pull it apart and work in pieces. If you decide to do that, don’t forget how to put it back together again! Use a damp cloth to wipe down all the pieces.

DIY Washi Tape StoolStep 2.
Wrap your washi tape around each section of stool in pieces, overlapping them slightly, and making sure the ends of the tape join on the inside of your stool (so they’re not seen as easily).

It’s up to you how you go about placing the tape. I worked from top to bottom, cutting pieces of tape just long enough to go around each piece of timber, sticking the middle of the tape on the outside of the stool first and wrapping it around to meet on the inside. You could also cut really long pieces of tape to go lengthwise down each leg. Figure out what works for you and stick with it.

Use your nail to gently ease tape into grooves as you go, and fill any little gaps at the end.

DIY Washi Tape Stool

Step 3.
Once you’ve finished taping everything you want, put your stool back together (make sure everything is nice and tight!). I then put some little sticky fabric feet on the bottom of each leg to protect the tape I had there, and to protect our floors ;)

That’s it.. couldn’t be easier!

DIY Washi Tape Stool DIY Washi Tape Stool

There are so many possibilities, and ways to make it your own! I hope you have fun with it! :)