Bloesem Classes

April 17, 2014 | Screen Printing, Singapore

Hold onto your hats, people! It’s the second post in a week – I’m on fire.

Bloesem Shop

I just wanted to stop in and share something super cool with any of you lucky ducks that, like me, live here in Singapore. Do you know Bloesem Blog? Of course you do! (And if you don’t.. get on it!). Well, Irene Hoofs, author of Bloesem Blog (and possibly the nicest person you’ll ever meet) has opened the sweetest little shop right here in Singapore, aptly named, Bloesem Creative Space. It’s devine. Seriously, go there.

Bloesem Shop

Well, not only is Irene selling some gorgeous goodies from her shop, she’s also hosting Classes – run by some very exciting people flown in from all around the globe. I’m not kidding – every single class that comes out has my name on it.



Let’s see… This coming month alone: Screen Printing with Lisette Scheers (I’m already signed up!), Food Photography and Styling with Elodie Bellegarde (Yes please!), and no less than two different workshops with the blogging genius that is Erin Loechner (The Secrets to Blogging Success, and One Stop Social Media Class). I’m SO excited to see this many fantastic workshops happening all in one place.


So if you live in Singapore too, and would like to learn something new in a really cool environment with extra awesome people (adjectives ahoy!) I’d highly recommend checking out Bloesem Classes. And if you just want to check out the space first – I’d recommend that too (have a chat with Irene and her sweet staff while you’re there, they couldn’t be more welcoming. OR check out their online shop!).

Bloesem Classes


My Singapore: Tiong Bahru

July 5, 2012 | Singapore

One of my favourite places in Singapore so far would have to be Tiong Bahru, an old suburb that has had a bit of a revival in the last few years making it a quaint and trendy place to be. Built in the 1930’s, the Tiong Bahru housing estate is one of the oldest in Singapore, and has a distinctive art deco feel to it with it’s low-rise complexes, rounded balconies, and funky facades. I love it! It’s like stepping back in time.. art deco is totally not what I would have expected to see in Singapore :)

Because Tiong Bahru has become quite trendy, there are also now a lot of very cute cafes, restaurants, and shops springing up. No complaints here!

A few of the shops and cafes in the photos above: Social Haus, Books Actually, Nana & Bird, Forty Hands Coffee.