Pins 12.03.13

March 12, 2013 | Pins

1. Alice Vases by Feinedinge (via)
2. Stitched Kantha Chair from Anthropologie (via Lesley Shewring)
3. Vintage Tri-Fold Map Invitation by Cheree Berry Paper (via Rebecca Schley)
4. Vows Print by Lara Casey (via)
5. Peach and Gold Dot Dish by Up in the Air Somewhere (via mrs. french)
6. French Floral Colours Hemp Fabric by Edit Shop (via Vanessa Rae)

Pins / 12.02.13

February 12, 2013 | Pins

1. Full Elephant Canvas from Penny Farthing Design House (via Susan Benner Rego)
2. Malachite and Turquoise Bracelet  from Filoe (via Mrs. French)
3. C’est Tout Screen Print from Shop Ampersand (via Ez Pudewa)
4. Mini Drops Wall Stickers from Ferm Living (via Satsuki Shibuya)
5. Mais Oui Print from Sycamore Street Press (via Melissa Anderson)
6. Mini Alphabet Embroidery Kit from Miniature Rhino (via)