Make Art That Sells – Week 1

October 27, 2015 | Drawn, Make Art That Sells

Have you guys heard of Lilla Rogers and her wonderful online class Make Art That Sells? If not (and you’re interested in getting your art into the world and onto products) you should definitely check it out!

I don’t consider myself a very strong illustrator (or, I don’t think I have a very distinctive style), but I’ve always felt like it’s a side of design that I’d like to explore a bit more, be pushed a bit more in, and get better at. I guess ultimately I think it’d be amazing to be able to licence my art and patterns to shops – to see my work being produced for people to use. That’d be cool, right?!

Well yes, but how to get there? I don’t seem to work very well when I set my own briefs, and need a little nudge in the right direction sometimes. So, after visiting Lilla’s site about a hundred times (and talking myself out of it the same amount of times) I finally signed up to Make Art That Sells Part A a couple of months ago. And last week, class started! Eeeek! So I thought I’d document it here too so you can all follow along :)

Week 1 was all about making art for the Bolt Fabric market. Lilla gave us lots of tips through the week about bolt fabric and the market, along with our mini assignment to draw lots and lots of pasta and vintage pyrex. Such cool subject matter! So I got to drawing. The idea is to be free and just experiment with styles and mediums at this stage…


I did most of my drawings in pencil and black pen.. it felt right for this one.

Then, once we’d all done about as much pasta and pyrex sketching as we could do, we got our main assignment – Using the pasta and pyrex as our subject matter, make an artwork or pattern that you would send to a bold fabric company in order to get a collection. Bam.

After loads of fiddling around in illustrator with my various sketches, these are the elements I came up with…


Then it was time to put it into a pattern. My final submission is below, along with 3 coordinating prints.

It’s terrible to say, but I was actually surprised at how happy I was with the final piece! I’m ashamed to admit that.. but I’m my own worst critic, and generally at the end of an illustration I pick it to pieces.. but this one I really liked! So I’d have to say the course is doing wonders already :)

Perfectly Pyrex Pattern by Claire Dalgliesh

This week we’re onto the Home Decor market, and it’s already put me way out of my comfort zone! Stay tuned! x

Try it! Vintage Tea Towel DIY

August 15, 2013 | Try it!

Do you love tea towels as much as I do? I mean, I don’t like drying dishes as much as the next person, but a good (linen is my favourite!) tea towel can not only make the job easier, but can pretty up the kitchen at the same time. Bonus!

So that’s why I’m really liking this very simple DIY from The Purl Bee! Aren’t these vintage inspired tea towels lovely? And you can jazz them up even more by using bright threads (neon YES!) too.. so cool!


So if you’d like to give these tea towels a go too, you can head over to The Purl Bee for the very in-depth tutorial. Beautiful! :)

{Freebies} Colour Vintage Mountain Gift Tags

August 2, 2012 | Freebies

Due to the success of the black & white Vintage Mountain Gift Tags, I’m back with a colour version! I’m really happy with how these turned out.. I hope you like them too and are able to put them to good use!

To download the PDF file, all you need to do is click on the flag below and you’ll be automatically given the file for download :)



I hope you like them! If you use them, be sure to share a photo on Instagram and tag me @fellowfellow :)