Loving… ixxi

May 4, 2012 | Loving...

Uh, ixxi. What a fabulous company. Do you know them? Do you own one?

If you aren’t familiar with them, this video does a pretty great job explaining :)

I swear, every time I visit their website I walk away vowing to make one of their wall hangings for myself. One of these days I’m actually going to do it.. sooner than later I feel. My main issue is that I don’t know which style to go for. Do I want to make a compilation of some of our best photos? Or do I want to choose one particularly beautiful photo and display that loud and proud? Then of course that brings up the issue of choosing just ONE photo.. Hm. Such dilemas.

So if you’ll just excuse me, I’m off to hunt through the millions of photos we’ve taken over the last few years to see what I can come up with. Back in a month or two ;)

All of these beautiful images are from ixxi’s website and blog. Such inspiration.

DIY Dot Wall

March 1, 2012 | DIY

Have you ever had the overwhelming urge to put spots on one of your walls? I have! And one of these days, I’m going to buy a house so I can completely fulfill the dream of putting up spotty wallpaper.

However while we’re still renting (and are too lazy to repaint when we leave), I’ve had to come up with a more temporary solution. As per many things in my life, Washi Tape came to my rescue!

I remembered I’d seen an awesome DIY by Ez on Creature Comforts using this technique, so thought I’d try it for wall stickers. It’s so easy and you can make whatever shape you want!

You’ll need:
– Washi Tape
– Scissors
– Non-stick baking paper
– Pencil
– Something to trace around

Step 1: Cut off some baking paper in the size you need and lay it flat on a table. Take your washi tape and start sticking strips from top to bottom, overlapping slightly.

Step 2: Once you’ve got enough tape down, turn the paper over and trace around your object. I used a paint pot.

Step 3: Cut your shape out

Step 4: When you’re ready to stick it onto your wall, carefully peel off the baking paper, and stick away! Be careful though – I found once I’d stuck it down it was hard to move it without separating the layers of tape. It shouldn’t remove any paint (or at least, it hasn’t in my experience), but just be sure you’re sticking it in the right spot to avoid having to move it. Have fun!