The Wedding Part 1

August 21, 2012 | Personal, Wedding

Yes, OUR wedding.. I know it’s be months, but I’m finally sharing some of our beautiful photos with you!

I don’t even know where to begin.. it was absolutely the most beautiful day! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding.. from the stunning weather (after a full week of cold rain), to the surprise confetti-ing we received as we entered the reception, to celebrating with friends and family we haven’t seen for a while.. It was amazing.

As opposed to doing one giant post with hundreds of photos, I’ve decided to break them into two more manageable parts. First up – the pre-ceremony madness. Dave and I decided to have a ‘first look’ so we could take some photos prior to the ceremony and ultimately spend more time with our guests later. However it didn’t quite go to plan because, as ever the fashionable bride, I was running late. So we literally saw each other, had a few snaps of us seeing each other and then ran to the cars so we could get to the ceremony on time. Madness I tell you. Turned out there was nothing to worry about, I ended up being quite early to the ceremony and got to watch all of our guests arrive from the comfort of the car :)

I think I’ll just let the photos do the talking! They’re all by our wonderful friend and photographer Bec Johnson :)

Part 2 will be the ceremony and reception :)

Location: Toowoomba, QLD, Australia
Photographer: Bec Johnson Photography
Bouquets & Buttonholes: AD Artistry
Hair and Makeup: Kylie Nolan
Dress: Made by my wonderful Mum


  1. Wow. Just. Wow.

    And congrats!

  2. Emily

    One of the most beautiful weddings I have been to. You were such a beautiful bride! Xoxo

  3. You look so pretty! Your mum is super clever, the dress is beautiful…can’t wait to see the rest of the pics : )

  4. Really beautiful pictures and your dress is amazing!

  5. You’ve got a really talented mum. And everything is gorgeous – you, your dress, that bouquet… can’t wait to see more photos!

  6. What absolutely beautiful wedding and photos, wishing you the best of everything!

  7. Gorgeous photography and congratulations!

  8. Wow, those photos are gorgeous + so are you! I love the dress and your hair is so pretty!

    I can’t wait to see the second part!

  9. What incredible pictures! Of course, the main characters are so beautiful, it helps!!
    I hadn’t realized your mother made your dress! How wonderful! Please give me my deep congratulations!

  10. What a beautiful wedding dress. You are a beautiful bride!! I cant wait for Part 2.

  11. Every single thing (and person) is so beautiful! Congratulations on your marriage!

  12. WoW! You look absolutely gorgeous, you’re mom did an amazing job!
    Congratulations on your marriage.

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  14. Wooowww sooo beautiful! I love your dress and your bouquets colours are amaaazing! :)

  15. OMG! Beautiful pics!!

  16. divine, simply divine! everything.

  17. Aude

    Everything is gorgeous: from your dress to the smile on both your faces!!!
    Can’t wait to see more. And huge congratulations to your mum, the dress is stunning.

  18. These are so beautiful! And your mom made your dress? I’m really impressed right now.

  19. Gorgeous! Love all the details!

  20. congratulations!!! it looks absolutely beautiful and your dress! how lovely your mama made it for you :)

  21. Alex

    Ok, I understand now! Sorry! It was not a necklace but you were amazing! Congratulations to your mum! Everything was great!! Congrats!

  22. Lily

    Where did you get your invitations from? They are so beautiful