The Wedding Part 2

August 27, 2012 | Personal, Wedding

Well, I’m back with the second half of our wedding photos today, I hope you weren’t wedding’d out from the last lot!

These photos are all about the ceremony and reception. We held the ceremony at a little old railway station called Spring Bluff, on a beautifully green patch of lawn just metres away from the track. There was a train scheduled to go through the station 10 minutes into the ceremony (which had me sliiiightly worried), but the driver *bless his heart* instead stopped around the other side of the mountain until he was sure the ceremony would be over. What a nice guy! He then put on a show for us all by driving through and tooting his horn while we were all eating cake and chatting. Couldn’t have worked out better :)

After the ceremony, family photos, cutting the cake (we decided on cutting it early while people were hungry and enjoying a cup of tea), and more photos in a beautiful field with the setting sun, we headed back to my parent’s house for the reception (held in their backyard). Something I hadn’t expected though, was that our 80 guests had been waiting to welcome us, lining the path, armed with confetti they were all too happy to throw at us. It was honestly one of my most favourite parts of the day because it was a surprise from my Mum, and I had no idea it was coming. On a day that you plan for months and months, meticulously, down to every detail.. it was so special that there could still be some surprises!

Anyway, enough talking.. I’m sure you can get the idea from the photos :)

Photographer: Bec Johnson Photography
Ceremony Venue: Spring Bluff Railway Station
Reception Venue: My parent’s backyard, Toowoomba.
Bridal Gown: Made by my wonderful Mum
Bridesmaid Gown: Also made by my wonderful Mum
Cake: Made by my wonderful sister (as was the gelati dessert)
Bouquets & Buttonholes: AD Artistry
Hair & Makeup: Kylie Nolan


  1. That last photo of you two dancing is one of my all time favourites. You look spectacular, and I love you both so much! x

  2. lovely!
    I love (adore!!) the idea of cake&tea in the afternoon instead of late at night….
    And your mother is a perfect seamstress! The both dresses are fabulous.

  3. I’ve been waiting for your wedding updates! And you look absolutely fabulous in these photos… you really are glowing!

    And I love the reception area, it looks so dreamy :)

  4. AAWW it looks amazing! in the photos I can see that even though it was a big (and beautiful) open space, you still made it feel cozy and warm!

  5. all of the lights were sooo beautiful and you look stunning. a perfect wedding if you ask me! the reception looked like so much fun. just lovely.

  6. Alex

    Ehi, hold on… that was a necklace??? It’s awesome!! Did you do it??

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    It is one wonderful marriage ceremony in the world which is full of originality.
    It was impressed very much.
    I desire two persons’ permanent happiness and celebrate you!

  8. Love these photographs. They’re so beautiful and full of whimsy.