Two Things .14


  1. I love the label on the maple syrup! It adds so much to the charm eating maple syrup has on its own.

    • ffadmin

      Isn’t it gorgeous? I’d have to put it on display I think, it’s too pretty to keep in a cupboard! ;)

  2. This is just perfect. i don’t think there’s a more divine combination in the world. maple syrup is just heaven

    • ffadmin

      I agree, Corina! I even made some caramelised bacon and onion the other night using maple syrup.. sooooo gooood. :)

  3. I was in New Hampshire this past weekend and had some really amazing maple syrup with some equally amazing GF Pumpkin spice pancakes!! I’ve just fallen in love with the packaging of this maple syrup and I am sooo wanting to taste it!! (those pancakes look delish too!!)

    • ffadmin

      Wow, what a coincidence, Jessica! Haha.. you were living my dream ;)