August 28, 2011 | Miscellaneous

Hey there! I’m Claire, welcome to my blog!

Here at Fellow Fellow we like beautiful things.. design, fashion, handmade goodies.. and will strive to post about them here so we can all feel a little bit more inspired – so grab a coffee, and settle in!

We have recently moved to sunny Singapore after nearly 3 years in Germany, fresh faced and ready for a new adventure – and a new blog! Part of my adventure will start in the next few months while I begin my own screen printing business full time (from home), and will be keeping you updated on my progress along the way – wish me luck!

If you’d like to send me a hello, feel free to comment or send me an email, and if you’d like to read more about my day-to-day life in Singapore (or our previous life in Germany), that’s over here.



  1. Bianca

    Wow, what a beautiful new blog! Very excited to follow you in this new adventure – it’s going to be amazing! xoxo

  2. Okay, I made it!

    I read all the way till the end. I LOVE your blog.

    Okay, now go make me some more. LOL! xo, Chrissa