Words: Hello Hello

June 12, 2012 | Words

Nothing like a bit of layered neon paper to get you going on a Tuesday morning! ;)

Hello Hello is a new song by Missy Higgins :)


  1. Emily

    LOVE Missy Higgins! Looks really effective.

  2. Beautiful letters!

  3. Clever….it really pops! I am gonna borrow this idea I think ;-)

  4. Aude

    Bravo: this is very very nice! It reminds me of the lovely Paperchase. I love that shop: every time I’m lucky to go to England, I come back with tons of their postcards!

  5. Love this. Very cool!

  6. Alex

    Super!! But how can you cut out letters so carefully? Do you use a simple cutter?
    I am a huge fan of your blog!!

  7. Orissa

    I love this so much! I have to steal it for a logo … may I? :)

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