Words: Lucky

June 19, 2012 | Words

Can you tell I’m having fun with these layered paper words? :)

Here’s the process: I drew the word, scanned it in, traced it, then cut out the layers on my cutting machine and glued them together. Not entirely handmade, but from start to finish it’s my creation.. and it was fun! :)


  1. Love it! What’s a cutting machine?

    • ffadmin

      Thank you! :)
      Wynona, it’s like a vinyl cutting machine.. I can design something on the computer and send it to cut on the machine :)

  2. I love these. Keep them coming!

  3. please continue having fun with them, they look so cool!!!

  4. Very nice!

  5. I love this!

    Lotts x

  6. It is crazy the amount of work that goes into something like that. It looks great! Well worth the hard work :)

  7. awesome! which die-cut machine model is this? have been thinking of getting one!

  8. Andyd

    Ooo I like that one!

  9. ffadmin

    Thanks so much, guys! I’m glad you like it, I’ll just have to keep making more of them..!

    Jolene – It’s a Black Cat Cutter :)

  10. Meg

    I’m thinking about buying a Black Cat Cutter myself, but they’re fairly expensive. Have you been happy with yours? Do you think it’s worth the price tag? :)

    • ffadmin

      Hi Meg,

      It’s definitely an investment, but as you can probably tell – I’m having loads of fun with it! I did heaps of research when I went looking for a cutter and found it to be one of the best for cutting my own designs, various materials, and various thicknesses… but for the price you’d probably want to be getting a fair bit of use out of it. Replacement blades and mats aren’t super cheap either. BUT it is fun :)