Workspace Wednesday 05.

September 28, 2011 | Workspace Wednesday

Ready to be appalled? Disgusted? Shocked at my total disregard for cleanliness? Well today is your lucky day!

Ta Daaa! This is a small portion of my office at the moment. I’ve been trying to style some photos for the shop, and apparently need every single thing I ever owned thrown all over the table at the same time. By the end of it I couldn’t even find a patch of space to take the actual photos on.. yep it was that bad. (still is actually)

I think the photos will be worth it though :)

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  1. Looks just like my worktable! Welcome in the club!

  2. wow! where do you get such adorable colored masking tape like that? it’s so lovely!
    i love how pastel and light everything is is and even though you have a cluttered workspace, everything has a simplistic and clean touch to it! i really enjoy these posts!

    • ffadmin

      Hi Nanee.. Thanks so much! The masking tape is called Washi Tape and if you do a search on you’ll find heaps! X

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