Workspace Wednesday 110.

July 16, 2014 | Workspace Wednesday

It’s been quite a while since I did a Workspace Wednesday post!

This project started out strong, with grand plans and a gung-ho attitude, but alas – it’s ended in a stand-off. Me versus a big pile of pretty braid. I kinda messed this DIY up!

Rag Rug braid

This lovely braid is the result of hours of sitting in front of the TV diligently plaiting strips of fabric with the idea of making it into a beautiful big rag rug for the baby’s room (like this one). I haven’t had much luck finding a nice, affordable, grey and white dhurrie rug here yet, so thought – why not make a rug instead?!

Because it’s crazy that’s why.

It was only after I’d spent said hours on this braid and was covered from head to toe in loose threads that my wonderful hubby (and I mean that, if it wasn’t for him, I’d still be going) actually calculated how long my braid would need to be in order to make the desired size rug, which turned out to be about 170 metres. 170 METRES!??!? I thought I was doing pretty well with about 17 metres under my belt, but the idea of having to still do 10x that stopped me in my tracks. Mmmm, yeah probably should have calculated the amount I’d need BEFORE I started. Silly girl!

SO. Now I have 17m of very pretty white and grey braid that will probably become a bath mat in the very near future :) Not a total disaster, but I’m just not willing to dedicate the next 3 months to braiding fabric in the hopes that it *might* make a nice rug (which definitely isn’t guaranteed even after all that braiding!). Oh well! :)


  1. The photo looks very pretty! I love the little bits of color.

  2. I’ve never had the patience to take on a project like this, but I think I’ll show it to my artsy/craftsy daughter. She seems to have finally moved out of her “make everything out of duct tape” phase!

  3. amapola

    love this post, sounds so familiar!

  4. Jesica

    Claire what if you combine what you already have with a solid color, would that help you?. Hi form Argentina.

  5. 170 meters! Wow!
    I just read an article by a lovely german Blogger.
    She also wanted to make a rug but endend up having a basekt. Maybe that would be an idea for your rest of rope :)

  6. It´s so beautiful !

  7. That is so something I would do! Looking forward to seeing the bath mat.