Workspace Wednesday 97.

August 28, 2013 | Photography, Workspace Wednesday

I know these last couple of “Workspace Wednesdays” have been less about my workspace and more about the general goings on around here.. but I haven’t been doing much work that warranted pretty photos lately! I hope you don’t mind seeing more of these day-to-day bits.. even if they’re not strictly work related ;)

Found Film

Dave likes to collect old film cameras, and every now and then he gets the bonus of finding one that still has a film inside. I find this so exciting! Who knows when or where these photos were taken.. or who owned the camera before us. It’s like uncovering a mystery.

Such was the case with these photos here.. this film came out of a camera Dave bought years ago (although he can’t remember which one) and we only just had it developed a few days ago.

The photos are nothing spectacular, and might even be seen as more of a mistake than anything.. but I think they’re so cool! The colours, grain, light flares.

Found FilmFound Film

Who are you mysterious photographer, with your rose garden and cuckoo clock? :)


  1. I find them very very cool too! How wonderful it is to be able to look at these little memories of someone we haven’t made and wonder about their life and where they are today!
    For this precise reason, I love used books :)

  2. How exciting! The mystery! And I agree pretty too. Do share some more.

  3. Alessandra

    Coming back home from holiday and visit right away your blog. It’s like to visit a friend! <3!