Inspired by a spotty Fossil bag

January 7, 2013 | Inspired by...

You’d have to know that anything with “spotty” and “Fossil” in the same sentence would be a winner in my eyes! Yep, I’m in love with this bag.

Isn’t she lovely? AND it even comes in a pale blue and red combination too.. be still my heart.

SO, let’s put it together with an outfit, shall we? I chose to go with a fairly neutral scheme.. I already own a pair of pants in this colour (and adore them) so thought it’d be a good place to start :)

What do you think? What would you wear it with?

Clockwise from top left: Cute Breton Stripe Crew Neck from Maison Scotch, Hepcat Shades from Madewell, Key-per Flap Bag from Fossil, Jiselle Flats by Tony Bianco, Lightweight Pima Cotton Chino from Maison Scotch, Heather Stainless Steel Watch from Fossil.


Hi there, nice to meet you!

February 13, 2012 | Featured, Personal

I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day (hi Lisa!), and we came to the conclusion that I don’t share enough personal stuff on the blog with my lovely, wonderful readers.. and that (in fact) my lovely, wonderful readers may actually like to know a bit more about the person who posts here every day.

Was she right?

I hope so, because I’m about to tell you about myself anyway! Hopefully once you know a bit more about me, we can be friends! So here goes… 15 things about me.

1. Here is what I look like:

2. I’m closer to 30 than I’d care to admit, and it kinda scares me a bit!

3. I am Australian (from Brisbane), but lived in Germany for 3 years, and now live in Singapore.

4. I will be getting married in March to my man of nearly 9 years, Dave.

5. I have a degree in Graphic Design.

6. I get teased (playfully!) that I can’t open my eyes when I smile (they squish up).. but they ARE open, just only a little bit :)

7. I LOVE animals, and long to have a pet. We had a beautiful dog growing up, and two adorable rabbits while we were in Germany that we miss like crazy.

8. I am generally quite shy and introverted.. until I get to know you, then there’s no holding back! haha

9. I don’t tan, and sunburn really easily :(

10. If I’m tired, hungry, or hot.. don’t even bother talking to me.

11. I love to travel, but I hate flying. I did get upgraded once, which actually made the whole flying thing about a million times more bearable. No surprises there.

12. My ideal night involves take-out, a Pixar movie, and the couch. Or Harry Potter.. I do enjoy a bit of HP.

13. I work at home, in the third bedroom of our apartment which we’ve converted into my ‘studio’. This is it just after we moved in (left), and as it is right at this second (right – eep)..

14. My favourite meal would have to be my Mum’s apricot chicken. And lasagne, and roast lamb, and.. lets just say I enjoy going home :)

15. I am a notoriously slow eater.. my family actually leaves me at the table because they get sick of waiting for me!

Phew, there we go! These were just 15 random things I thought of, but if there’s anything else you’d like to know about me, feel free to ask in the comments or just send me an email!

DIY Heart Candy Gift Tags

February 6, 2012 | DIY, Featured

Good Morning! How was your weekend?  :)

I have some exciting news! A few weeks ago I was contacted by Fossil to do a Valentines DIY for their Fossil.Life.Style blog, and it went live last friday! I just wrote that like it wasn’t a big deal for me to be contacted by Fossil.. but I can tell you now, much dancing and singing was done following that email! I’ve been a Fossil fan for years so it was pretty much a dream come true.

After a lot of deliberation, I came up with some cute little heart candy gift tags, that are really easy and fun to make.. I hope you like them! You can find the full DIY over on Fossil.Life.Style. :)

**It appears that the links to this post don’t work anymore, so I’ve included the instructions below!**

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Oven-bake modeling clay in candy colours
– Baking paper
– Rolling Pin
– Heart template or cookie cutter (I used a store-bought wooden heart, but I’ve included a template HERE if you need it)
– Xacto knife
– A pointy tool or needle to make a hole for the string
– Alphabet stamps
– Red pen (fine tip)
– Oven

1. Put a ball of modeling clay onto the baking paper and roll it out to about 8mm thick.
2. Lay your heart template on top, and carefully cut around it with the Xacto knife (keeping the knife as straight as possible). If you have a cookie cutter it’s much easier!
3. Smooth out any rough edges, then use the stamps to imprint your text. Push a hole into the corner of your heart using the pointy tool or a needle (make sure it’s wide enough for string).
4. Bake in the oven according to the packet instructions.
5. Once the heart is cooled, use the red pen to draw over the imprinted text. My pen was water soluble, and smudged easily (even after drying), so I washed the hearts under water to get any excess ink off. The red was still visible, but just not as vibrant.
6. And you’re done! They make for fun gift tags, or as little surprises left in a pocket or lunch box.