The invitation revealed…

February 16, 2012 | Personal

Such suspense! Haha, ok not really.. I was just waiting until most guests had received theirs in the mail before putting it out there on the internet :) Aaaand.. here it is!

What do you think? :) **For anyone asking – they were designed and screen printed by me. Unfortunately I cannot take custom screen printing orders**


  1. They’re fantastic! My favorite part is your names beautifully written.

  2. So gorgeous! I absolutely adore the white ink on kraft card. And the calligraphy is divine! Love!

  3. Bianca

    Love them! Especially the tiny gold dots and the bunting and the calligraphy and….everything!

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  5. Gorgeous! Really special and must have taken you so long to put together. Loved them so much i posted them on my blog…loving your blog and little shop

  6. they are wonderful =)

  7. Gorgeous & very elegant.
    Love the idea of everything tied up with a cute rope.
    Hi from Paris =)

  8. Dellie


  9. Rosie

    Really, really, very beautiful. I can’t imagine anything more perfect for an invitation bundle to excite guests and will be taking an enormous leaf out of your wedding-planning book when it comes to planning my own happy day in the future!

  10. Lovely. There seems like a lot of pieces or are you showing what is on the back of things? Actually, I think I just answered my own question…it must be the backs. I made mine double sided too, with a deer print on the back side. It’s always a fun surprise to see a backside to wedding invites because not everyone does that.

  11. ffadmin

    Thank you guys! You’re all so kind :) I’m so glad you like them. Phew!

    Monica – hehe, yes it shows both fronts and backs :) I didn’t like the idea of leaving the backs blank.. so much wasted space! Having a deer print on the back of yours sounds so beautiful!

  12. They are beautiful! Calligraphy makes my knees buckle, so I’m going to have to pick myself off the floor after worshipping these ;)

  13. Love the colours, love the design. Yep, love everything about them really!

  14. I love the colors you choose. Just lovely!

  15. new reader here! and you’re blog is so lovely. i do love your wedding invites, such a freshness to it compared to the all the formal wedding invites you see out there…..congrats!

  16. just found your lovely blog & am newly OBSESSED! so excited! :) xo

  17. Simply lovely. I love the goldenrod color with the kraft color and white…it speaks love without all the over done roses and ribbons you’d typically see on some wedding invites. Different, creative and lovely! And I love that you wrapped it all in baker’s twine? Nice alternative to an invitation card without those bulky pockets. Amazing Claire!

  18. Julia

    They are so you Claire! Really beautiful!!

  19. Really lovely, clean and crisp.. wish you had been there 39 years ago to do our invitations! Wonderful blog you have too! Deb

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  21. so beautiful invitation! simple & clean design! liked it very much! my style too!

  22. These are beautiful! Love the white on the the cardboard and especially that font!

  23. Lorin W

    Hi! Any chance you are taking orders on these invites? I’d love to have them for my August wedding…you can print your info on the back too!! :o) Let me know!

  24. Love your invitations! As a card maker I would love more details. Did you have them printed? Calligraphy them by hand? I’ve struggled with using white on my projects and yours came out so beautifully. I just found your blog and will now be following. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work.

  25. these are gorgeous!! I love love love kraft paper with white text and would have loved for ours to be this fabulous!

  26. Absolutely love this! The details are just perfect. I am designing my own wedding invites and will also be having dots throughout. Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Sara

    I second what Lorin said – would you consider taking orders on these? They are amazing and I would love to use the same design!

  28. Brittany

    Where did you get these done? They’re beautiful!

  29. Dana

    These are fabulous! I have to know… is the script calligraphy or is it a font? Either way, it’s absolutely gorgeous! And if it’s a font, would you mind telling which one? Thanks for sharing.

    • ffadmin

      Thanks so much for all your lovely comments!! For anyone asking, the calligraphy font was custom written by Mara of neither snow.

  30. Oh wow!! These are amazing! I love everything about them!

  31. stephanie

    Where did you buy the green and white string?

  32. Hi! Just wondering where these were printed. I’ve been searching for somewhere to print white ink onto kraft paper for business cards! Thanks!!

  33. Wow you’re invites look great Claire! Best wishes!

  34. Melody

    I’m pretty much in love with your invitations!!

    I designed something similar (white text I want printed on kraft card) but can’t seen to find anywhere that prints with white ink. Do you have a good the name of who did yours?

    Actually I just realized Amanda (3 up) just asked the same thing..

    Well do you have take paid projects then?

  35. ffadmin

    Hi Melody, thanks very much :)
    I do take paid orders, I will send you an email.

  36. did you design these yourself? Or who would I contact to have siilar ones made?

    • ffadmin

      Hi Lisa, yes they were designed and printed by me. If you’d like something similar, feel free to send me an email with your ideas :)

  37. will do fairly soon, thanks :-)

  38. We love your special invitation, the details,the color and the kraft paper…so beautiful.
    Congratulations for your great design :)

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  40. Where are these invitations made?

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  42. Eva

    I really love it! the tiny dots are very cute and elegant! Very stylish!
    I also used kraft paper for our wedding invites, but couln’t print in white, really a shame for us! How did you do it? I’m very interested to know for the rest of my paper decoration stuff, menu and more!
    Thank you!
    Just discovered your blog today, lovely! I miss S’pore so much!

    • ffadmin

      Hi Eva, It’s done by screen printing :)

  43. Brittany

    I would love to talk to you about a special order! These are beautiful!

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  47. Eva

    Thank you!! I should have guessed (2 years studying textile design!)! Unfortunately I don’t have the workshop to make it!
    I also had very much pain to find the good paper! I had to buy 2 photo albums and cut the sheets to the right dimensions…. so long!!! I lost a finger ;)
    Did you get yours online?
    Again, your blog, your work, is very very nice!

    • ffadmin

      Hi Eva! I don’t buy my paper online anymore, but when we lived in Germany I used to get it from It’s a German company with the most beautiful papers :) Hope that helps!

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  49. Kaaren

    What is the font you used for David and Clair? I’m also a font addict and love that font. I’m not in the market for weddings but love what you did. Thanks

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  52. sabrina

    I was wondering what stock of paper you used for these. I am looking to screen print on craft paper but I am worried the paper i have is not thick enough?

    • ffadmin

      Hi Sabrina, I think it’s around 270gsm.. anything above that would probably also be fine :) Hope this helps!

  53. Kmd

    What do you mean exactly when you say “screen printing” can this be done at home?

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  57. Steph


    This is exactly what I have been looking for for our wedding in November. Do you design/print invitations for others?

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  59. Jordan

    If you are still making these and would like to send me pricing that would be awesome!

  60. ccopc

    What kind of string is that? Where do you get it?

    • ffadmin

      Hi ccopc, it’s bakers twine. If you do a search on you’ll find loads :)


    Hello!! Please, I want to know, how you have done the dots??? Thanks

  62. Love the DIY, rustic look of these, they’re absolutely stunning!